Welcome to Capital Media

What We Do

At Capital Media, we help our clients optimize their media budgets, which are often one of the single largest line items on their P&L. We work with our clients to translate their corporate and brand marketing objectives into quantitatively-based media plans that have the greatest chance of success to meet their goals.

As you no doubt know from both your professional and personal experiences, the media landscape has changed rapidly over the past 20 years – and ever-faster changes are coming. At Capital Media we are fully engaged in the media world around us. We’re committed to not only keeping up with the changes but leading our clients through the changes with media plans and buys that take advantage of the changing media landscape rather than react to it.

Media planning and buying is all we do, so every human and financial resource at our disposal is invested in being able to deliver the best media product possible. That media product includes market research, consumer research, media research, the most sophisticated media planning tools available including programmatic planning and buying technology, expert rate negotiation and media monitoring/stewardship operations.

While Capital Media doesn’t have a creative department staffed with writers and art directors, we are nonetheless creative. Our creativity shows itself in out-of-the-box media planning, extra deep analysis and translation of market, consumer and media research and, proudly, an ability to execute breakthrough media placements benefiting our clients. Examples of some of these creative breakthrough placements can be seen here.

The campaign strategies of many media agencies are limited to perspectives coming from a media-only mindset. At Capital Media, our media expertise has not been developed in a vacuum. Our media strategies are evaluated in a broad, multi-disciplined manner made possible by the significant industry and brand experience of Capital Media president, Alan Reisberg, the agency’s principal strategist. Alan leverages significant Madison Avenue and client-side Fortune 500 brand strategy experience to benefit clients. Brand experience includes Texize, Continental Airlines, AT&T, Gillette, Citibank, Harrah’s Casinos, Dow Jones, wsj.com, AAMCO, The Washington Post, Jiffy Lube and others. This breadth and depth of experience influences media plans that prove to be successful in the marketplace. This is just one reason the tenures of Capital Media client relationships shatter industry norms.