You Say Tomato, and I say Tomato

19 Mar

We find it interesting to see how people can arrive at very different conclusions when faced with the same data set. The most recent example we’ve seen was reported in MediaPost’s Online Media Daily last week on the Fall 2011 Advertiser Perceptions report. For background, the Advertiser Perceptions report is “the largest multi-client tracking study […]

Show Me The Money

08 Mar

The age-old question with advertising – does it work? Will spending money on brand awareness lead to greater sales? We admit we have a bias toward believing in the power of advertising. But it’s always good to be able to present examples of how advertising has been successful to help bolster our belief and perhaps […]

TV & Online – Frenemies?

17 Feb

It’s no secret that we are big believers in TV advertising. And as self-professed technology geeks, we also love the power of the Internet and online advertising. And as we have watched the explosive growth of online advertising, we have also seen the tensions between the two media grow. But recent research from Nielsen, reported […]

Home, Sweet Out-Of-Home

08 Feb

What do you think of when the term “Out-Of-Home Advertising” is brought up? Billboards, right? One of the oldest advertising mediums, and still effective. And while the presence of the newer digital boards has been increasing, the vast majority of the boards you’ll see look like the picture here. But step back and consider that […]

The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

20 Jan

There isn’t any question that the advertising industry has seen significant changes in its business models over the last few years, driven by technology, budgets, and client needs. All parts of the industry have been affected, including media buying. And like other members of the marketing community, we have worked to adapt what we do […]

How to be an Advertising Genius Without Really Trying

12 Jan

Why would you advertise anywhere but on the Internet? It’s cheap. You can target buyers. It’s trackable. And you don’t need to deal with all of the complications of producing a commercial or dealing with a media buyer? Just go to Google AdWords, and voila, everyone can be an advertising genius. Right? If only life […]

What’s black & white and read all over?

05 Jan

Okay, so the old joke doesn’t really translate in writing. It’s not news that newspaper circulation and reach have been declining over the years. And forecasts for the coming year aren’t all that sunny. Circulation declines did not start with the advent of the Internet as most people assume. According to Tony Rogers, Newspapers thrived into […]