The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

20 Jan

There isn’t any question that the advertising industry has seen significant changes in its business models over the last few years, driven by technology, budgets, and client needs. All parts of the industry have been affected, including media buying. And like other members of the marketing community, we have worked to adapt what we do […]

How to be an Advertising Genius Without Really Trying

12 Jan

Why would you advertise anywhere but on the Internet? It’s cheap. You can target buyers. It’s trackable. And you don’t need to deal with all of the complications of producing a commercial or dealing with a media buyer? Just go to Google AdWords, and voila, everyone can be an advertising genius. Right? If only life […]

What’s black & white and read all over?

05 Jan

Okay, so the old joke doesn’t really translate in writing. It’s not news that newspaper circulation and reach have been declining over the years. And forecasts for the coming year aren’t all that sunny. Circulation declines did not start with the advent of the Internet as most people assume. According to Tony Rogers, Newspapers thrived into […]

The Year in Review

30 Dec

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what has happened this year and to consider what 2012 will bring. We produce an annual white paper with our view of the coming year (it’s a great read – check it out!). This post is not meant to replace the paper, but rather to add a […]

Magazines are Still Kicking.

14 Dec

With all the magazines that have closed their doors in the past year – GamePro being the latest – one might assume that no one is reading magazines anymore. Oh contraire! In fact, MediaFinder reports that 239 new publications launched this year. As reported by Rochester Institute of Technology, the Gfk MRI Survey of the […]

Media Buying: The Benefits of Being Unbundled

28 Nov

As everyone who has ever worked with a full service agency knows, in the agency business it’s all about the creative. Creative is usually the heart and soul of a full service agency. Whether the CEO of the agency is from the creative or account services department, the spiritual leader of the agency is almost […]