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With impending change in advertiser base comes shift in budget

23 May

In the history book for advertising (if such a thing exists), 2018 is going to go down as the year that mobile ad spending surpassed TV ad spending. And that trend is only going to become more pronounced through the next four years, according to a projection from eMarketer. This year, mobile ad spending is […]

New ad units, inventory opens up as voice assistants grow

19 Feb
voice assistants

Remember last April when Burger King, that ever-clever advertiser, used its ads to activate Google Home and Android phones? Basically, Burger King activated voice assistants by including the phrase, “O.k. Google. What is the Whopper burger?” in a TV ad, which then activated Google to read the first sentence of the hamburger’s Wikipedia entry. Here’s […]

Facebook, Google Chase Traditional TV Ad Budgets

27 Oct

 In the ongoing battle of online video seeking to capture more ad dollars from traditional TV media budgets, both Facebook and Google are now borrowing some concepts from traditional TV ad measurement in the hopes to win more budget. Facebook announced it is rolling out the TRP system, or Targeted Rating Point, which they claim […]

2016 Election Ad Battle Waged on Mobile (and TV)

20 Oct
A shot of a beautiful black businesswoman texting

According to this article, this coming year’s wave of political ads will be the shortest in history, clocking in at 15 seconds. But just because they’re shorter, don’t expect to see less of them. Because they’re so short, we’ll likely see political video ads where we haven’t traditionally seen them; primarily on mobile. As we […]

Big trouble in Apple-land for advertisers

06 Oct

Apple recently unveiled its newest operating system for the ever-popular iPhone and iPad, and it’s had a number of advertisers—and ecommerce retailers—up in arms. What’s the fuss about? Ad blocking. The scourge of digital marketers everywhere. According to this Business Insider article, ad blocking software on Apple mobile products has also caused some ecommerce retailers’ […]

Luxury Brands and Online Video

29 Sep

As you’ve probably read (hopefully here on our blog), online video is currently experiencing a huge boom, and is fast becoming the channel of choice for spending digital ad dollars. Even luxury brands are getting in on the game. Typically focused on selling their products and telling their story in print, as well as shying […]

Facebook to Overtake YouTube for Video Ads

22 Sep

According to this article, Facebook may be poised to be the world’ largest video ad network. This may come as a surprise to some, given that YouTube has dominated online video advertising for so long. However, with the proliferation of video streaming technology, competitors like Facebook and others are quickly catching up and overtaking the […]

What we’re reading: The switch from TV ads to digital ads

11 Aug

There is no doubt, TV ads are moving to the digital world, and this trend is only going to increase. According to this Wall Street Journal article, it is estimated that “digital ad spending from October through June was up $3 billion compared to the year-ago period.” Digital platforms are generally more flexible than TV […]