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What Marketers Want Out of Digital Media and Linear TV

11 Jul
Digital Meida vs. Linear TV Effectiveness

When it comes to the debate between which is a better advertising vehicle—digital media or linear TV—there’s little agreement about what works and what doesn’t. And a recent survey of marketers by Blockgraph found that there are a number of areas in which each category can improve. But there are a few things that marketers […]

Does Measurement Matter to the Media Mix?

18 Feb
measurement ruler

In the digital age, marketers are racing to measure everything. That makes sense, given that digital platforms are increasing their capabilities to capture consumer data. In fact, a few months ago, we discussed the degree to which audience ratings are becoming obsolete. Well, a recent study from Kantar Millward Brown has found that the degree […]

Say Goodbye to Ratings: OTT/Digital TV Measurement Heats Up

30 Oct

We recently discussed the television industry’s shift to Over-The-Top (OTT) services and how the shift to connected TVs is dramatically changing the advertising industry. And along with new ways to view media come new ways to measure not only television audiences, but to track audiences across media channels. Today, it’s not enough to simply know […]

What’s Measurement without Data Integrity?

04 Sep
laptop data

We talk a lot about marketers improving both their approaches to measurement as well as the measurement tools they use. But one important point that is often overlooked by marketers is whether or not their data is any good. The old adage, “Garbage in, garbage out,” precisely illustrates what happens when marketers don’t think enough […]

Cross-channel measurement tools getting sharper

11 Jul
measurement apple

We recently noted that Facebook is partnering with third-party data providers to provide better quality data around the interaction between their platform and television. Now, both Nielsen and comScore are sharpening their measurement tools to provide data that marketers may not necessarily associate with either outfit. Nielsen is now offering measurement and analysis of “owned […]

The word of 2017 is “Measurement”

14 Feb

If there’s one thing that’s been a constant drum beat over the past several months, it’s that marketers want better measurement tools. A new IAB survey supports this, finding that a whopping “71% of marketers, media buyers, publishers, and ad tech executives” expect to spend more on the amorphous “data and related services” categories. As […]

Measurement is the problem, not fragmentation

09 Dec

The world’s largest media buying agency is making some new demands of media outlets that will potentially make ad reach measurement more accurate. Lyle Schwartz, the new president of GroupM, which overseas more than $30 billion in advertising spending, has asked some top media companies to provide a more comprehensive, holistic measurement system that would […]