Creative Buying


At Capital Media, we don’t believe you can only get creativity from the creative department of a full service agency or a creative boutique.

We challenge ourselves to deliver breakthrough media placements for every client in every advertising medium. That includes placing ads in some places that are not even considered advertising media. Our relentless efforts to think out of the box and ask for what hasn’t been done before result in unique ad placements that allow for increased engagement and interaction with our clients’ target audiences. These placements break through advertising clutter and get our clients noticed, boosting their advertising return on investment (ROI).
Capital Media has been quite successful in placing our clients’ advertising in some unique and noticeable places:

  • We’ve incorporated interactive TV in media plans.
  • We were the first media buying agency to approach a radio station about placing clients’ ads on the station’s RDS scroll (the information displayed on the dashboard in your car).
  • We’ve negotiated name in title sponsorships for large music venues.
  • We’ve broken the sacred separation of broadcast news and advertising by having clients’ advertising content appear within local news programming.