The Capital Media Way

Over the years, more than a few industry people we’ve worked with have referred to how we do business as “The Capital Media Way.” The first time we heard this was in 2004, when a WTTG-TV general sales manager referred to how he believed we were differentiated from our competition. He said we were:

  • Very strong in delivering smart, strategic media plans
  • Extremely effective in delivering advantageous, and in most cases, the lowest rates possible for our clients
  • Aggressive in asking for added value, no charge bonus activity for all of our buys
  • Uniquely thorough in a dot-every-I-and-cross-every-T way of doing business
  • Superb in media buy monitoring and stewardship, one of the least practiced yet most effective ways to increase impact of a media buy
  • Open to trying new tactics and pushing the power of media placement.

We believe there is one additional element that now makes up the unique blend of Capital Media Way attributes and that is being media agnostic, i.e., being adept and expert in all available media. Call it old, traditional, new, digital, whatever description you like. At this point, they’re all just advertising opportunities to us. We provide the same level of expertise whether we’re recommending TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online Display, Online Video, Mobile or Search Engine Marketing.

At Capital Media, we’re fully engaged in all of the media around us and those in the pipeline. We go beyond keeping up to leading our clients through the changing media landscape, creating media plans and buys that take advantage of all platforms with an eye toward what’s next.