Advantaged Rates


At Capital Media, we routinely deliver the best media rates possible for our clients, no matter the media.

One reason we’re able to deliver advantaged rates is our tireless efforts to track media cost trends. A general sales manager of a DC TV station once remarked that we’re so successful in negotiations because we bring more information to the negotiating table than they do and more than other buyers in the market. This is a key factor in delivering media planning and buying in the Capital Media Way.

While nice to hear, it wasn’t quite the quantitative evidence we would feel comfortable with making the case of getting the best, most advantaged rates for our clients. We feel much more confident in claiming to advantage our clients rate-wise by the following quantitative evaluations:

A national franchisor client of ours brought in a leading independent, third party media auditor to review its media planners and buyers all over the country. It found our rates to be 18-20 percent lower than the most favorable industry pricing benchmarks. That translates into a very powerful benefit for the franchisee group we work with. They get 18-20 percent greater impact for their media investments with us than they would from other buyers.

At Capital Media we’re not shy about asking and quantifying where we stand. So we recently asked the general sales manager at a DC market radio station group to provide an average unit rate (AUR) analysis for us. The findings:

Capital Media’s AUR was $191, while the station’s overall AUR was $295. We were placing buys for our clients for 35% less than the rest of the market was paying.

Given these quantitative analyses, we’re quite confident and proud to be able to say we can save our clients SIGNIFICANT amounts of money when we plan and buy their media for them.

When you’re looking for and evaluating a media planning and buying agency, be sure to ask them about SQAD (, the broadcast industry’s leading pricing benchmark. If they don’t have it and don’t reference it, we can promise you your media investments will not be optimized. At Capital Media, our broadcast buying goals are always SQAD Low, minus 20 percent.
Our rate advantages extend to the online world as well. We plan and buy much of our Online media via the latest in programmatic trading technology, using the most up to date audience identification and matching, combined with real time buying.

At Capital Media, striving to get our clients the absolute most favorable placements, at the lowest rates possible, is entrenched in our DNA. We just don’t know how to do business any differently.