Data Driven


We opened a client meeting recently by introducing our presentation as a deep dive into market and consumer data. A senior client – who is a tough sell and always tells it like it is – barked “Not again. Every marketing entity I’ve seen in the past two years claims to be doing a deep dive into the data.” It was pretty easy to discern that he had not benefited from many of these “deep dives” and wasn’t looking forward to another one. So it was all the more satisfying when after the presentation he said, “I’ve been enlightened.” His positive response – and more importantly, the data and analysis we presented – also instilled confidence in the rest of the client’s marketing committee. The result: they elected to pursue our recommended media plan strategies, which evolved from the performance of the previous year’s plan.

We are tireless in our search for, and use of, quantitative data as we develop media plans for our clients and evaluate the campaigns we place. We subscribe to and utilize just about every research tool available in our industry:

Demand Side Platform Software
Google Analytics
Real time buying technology

We use all of these expertly to ensure we know in detail how your targets consume media, how they shop, and how they spend their work and leisure time. We also add quantitative assessments as to who your competition is and how and where they spend their media dollars.

When needed, we draw on a very strong strategic alliance with a well-respected primary research supplier to enable our clients to gain market and consumer knowledge and insights not available through syndicated research sources. Primary research conducted for our clients’ media buys and media buy evaluations has included focus groups, quantitative brand awareness, brand perception and brand intention studies.

But we don’t stop there. It is our goal with every media campaign we execute to tie media plan results back to market impact and advertising return on investment (ROI). We want to be able to provide media attribution for every campaign we execute and combine that with client-provided sales and web/brick and mortar traffic data to determine advertising ROI. That is our goal with every campaign we execute.