Media Agnostic


At Capital Media we are prone to say – on a regular basis – that we’re media agnostic. That means we’re not partial to or prone to recommending any one kind of media to our clients – we recommend the media mix that makes the most sense given a client’s goals and objectives of the media campaign and what the research suggests is optimum. We don’t play media favorites; we utilize media that works.

The team at Capital Media has spent over 30 years buying traditional media: television, radio, print and outdoor. Our staff dove into the online and digital media realms in the mid-1990s with campaigns for companies like Dell and The Wall Street Journal.

Early identification of media consumption trends led us to being early adopters of cable. Did you know that 60+% of all TV viewing is now on cable versus broadcast television? We saw that happening and factored that trend into media strategies for our clients, allowing them to capitalize on cable advertising ahead of the rest of the pack.

In the past several years we’ve integrated all aspects of the online advertising space into our media plans, including advertising on screens of all sizes like smartphones and tablets.

We utilize online programmatic planning and buying technology that provides us the ability to finely target our clients’ current customers as well as delivering customer prospects that closely match current customers based not only traditional demographics but also on online activity and offline shopping behaviors as well.

Bottom line, we are adept and provide state-of-the-art planning and buying expertise in all forms of media. It’s all just advertising media to us. We call that being media agnostic.