Media Monitoring & Stewardship

high-tech technology backgroundThe Capital Media Way requires being thorough in every aspect of delivering media plans and buys for our clients. We stand out in one important, but not very sexy way – we pay as much attention to our clients’ media buys after placement as we do before they’re placed. We don’t just place them and hope for the best. Capital Media is known for being the most attentive stewards of media buys placed.

Our dedicated media operations group works exclusively on monitoring and stewarding our clients’ buys:

  • We ensure that media sellers accurately enter our orders, all but eliminating the chance schedules get missed or run incorrectly.
  • We day place and hour place orders and then track station performance to ensure our clients’ placements run with the horizontal and vertical balance we desire. For example, if we’ve purchased 15 AM Drive radio spots in one week, we don’t want five spots running on three days and none running the other two days. Likewise, we don’t want them all to run 6 AM-7 AM. We make sure we get as close to perfect day of the week and hour of the daypart rotation as possible to optimize media buy reach.
  • We review pre-log times to ensure we receive the desired balance, and review post-log times to make sure our clients got what they were supposed to get. We also conduct audience delivery analyses in real-time to ensure any under-delivery is made up in flight if possible.