6 seconds vs. long-form ads: Which is better?

19 Jun

Thanks to two new reports with highly divergent findings, marketers may be scratching their head as they consider the length of video spots they’ll be buying in upcoming quarters. The first report claims that marketers are finding 6-second pre-roll ads are the most effective video form. These ad units, of course, are mostly found on […]

Is advertising on radio streaming services worth it?

07 Jun

Google seems to think so, as the ad serving giant recently announced it is “plugging into streaming music services like Spotify and Pandora” with its DoubleClick platform. That means that advertisers can dynamically bid on audio ad placements using Google’s platform just like they do for AdWords and display. By combining data from Google with […]

With impending change in advertiser base comes shift in budget

23 May

In the history book for advertising (if such a thing exists), 2018 is going to go down as the year that mobile ad spending surpassed TV ad spending. And that trend is only going to become more pronounced through the next four years, according to a projection from eMarketer. This year, mobile ad spending is […]

Traditional TV may be in trouble, but it may also not matter

16 May
broken tv

According to a recent New York Times article, traditional television may be in trouble due to several generational shifts in media consumption habits. For one, the article points out that the shows with the highest ratings—The Good Doctor, Young Sheldon, The Voice, and others—are primarily attracting older viewers, with median viewer ages ranging from late […]

Do your ads respect consumers’ time?

26 Mar

Probably not, according to the viewpoint of one Madison Avenue advertising executive. Rishad Tobaccowala, Publicis Groupe’s Chief Growth Officer, recently spoke at the Cross-Platform Media Measurement & Data Summit in New York City and pointed out that consumers are spending more and more time in “advertising-free environments” such as Netflix. As a result, Mr. Tobaccowala […]

Will 2018 be the year that digital finally overtakes traditional?

15 Mar

At least, that’s the prediction of one analyst. According to a report on an analysis by the Winterberry Group, ad spend on digital media is going to slightly outpace “offline” media for the first time ever. The report forecasts a $97.8 billion spend on “offline,” including television, radio and out of home, and $100.8 billion […]

Is “Brand Safety” the word of 2018?

06 Mar

Last year was incredibly tumultuous for both media, advertisers, and least of all politicians, and it would seem that brands are being more cautious than ever about where their ads are shown. You may recall that earlier this year, big name advertisers pulled ads from showing up alongside controversial content, leading to hundreds of millions […]

Is Ad-supported News the Next Big Thing in AR?

26 Feb

Time magazine believes it is. The traditional print publication and its publishers ran their first ever issue with four augmented reality (AR) activations, only accessible through their branded smartphone app. (Incidentally, but probably purposely, this is also the first issue of Time that’s been published with the help of a guest editor; this issue it’s […]

New ad units, inventory opens up as voice assistants grow

19 Feb
voice assistants

Remember last April when Burger King, that ever-clever advertiser, used its ads to activate Google Home and Android phones? Basically, Burger King activated voice assistants by including the phrase, “O.k. Google. What is the Whopper burger?” in a TV ad, which then activated Google to read the first sentence of the hamburger’s Wikipedia entry. Here’s […]