Should digital ads be held to the same standard as television?

18 Oct
money in politics

Digital advertising regulations are being called into question with the recent revelations that the Russian government may have used Facebook and other digital platforms to target ads with the intention of influencing the U.S. election. Specifically, some are calling for stronger disclosure requirements for online political advertising, such as what we see in political television […]

Is the world’s biggest advertiser pulling out of digital?

27 Sep

Not exactly, according to this article about P&G’s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard. Instead, Pritchard is calling for “the next generation of digital ads.” What he means by that is doing away with what he calls the “2-second ad,” which is the average time consumers spend exposed to an ad. But those aren’t the ads […]

Digital ad giants spend big bucks on TV

21 Sep
tv dollar sign

A number of large tech companies, even ones who are pioneering the future of digital advertising, are spending enormous sums of money on television ads. According to Media Post: Google, for example, allocated nearly 80% of its $569 million U.S. ad budget to TV spots in 2014. And during just two months in 2016, Amazon spent […]

Advanced TV expected to double in next 18 months

18 Aug

The amount of budget advertisers are expected to spend on advanced TV—that is marketers’ ability to deliver different ads to individual households based on specific targeting criteria—is expected to double over the next 18 months or so, according to eMarketer. The marketing research firm predicts that spending in this advertising medium will grow to more […]

New data show you can’t go wrong with radio

19 Jul
old radio

Of all the challenges some traditional media has experienced in recent years, it appears that radio has relatively escaped the disruption caused by the digital revolution, and in fact may be benefitting from it. According to Marketing charts and Nielsen, radio reaches more people in the U.S. than any other medium, with an estimated total […]

Cross-channel measurement tools getting sharper

11 Jul
measurement apple

We recently noted that Facebook is partnering with third-party data providers to provide better quality data around the interaction between their platform and television. Now, both Nielsen and comScore are sharpening their measurement tools to provide data that marketers may not necessarily associate with either outfit. Nielsen is now offering measurement and analysis of “owned […]

Your digital manager can now buy TV ads

04 Jul
digital manager

It appears that the time has finally come for AdWords-styled ad placement to come to television. Google recently announced that it is adding traditional TV advertising inventory to its DoubleClick Bid Manager platform. This shift allows advertisers to manage their digital and a TV buys through a single system, which typically requires separate systems. Google […]

You have to spend money to make money, even if you’re a publisher

02 May
make money

The old adage that “You have to spend money to make money” is just as true today as ever, but it even applies to today’s publishers. Case in point: the Financial Times (FT), an international business daily news outlet, is upping its marketing spend “28 percent on consumer-facing campaigns and 30 percent on B2B campaigns […]

Are marketers over millennials?

26 Apr

Yes and no, according to this Ad Age article. The next generation, Generation Z, is now starting to attract the interest of marketers. Gen Z, people born approximately around 1997 through 2011, are starting their late teen/early 20s and make up approximately 27 percent of the global population and about 22 percent of the U.S. […]

Is your media buy a complex headache?

18 Apr

If so, you’re apparently not alone. According to a new study by ID Comms and reported on in MediaPost, both advertisers and media agencies characterize media as a “complex headache.” The study, which had only 178 respondents (i.e. take the results with a grain of salt), found that an overwhelming majority of marketers and media […]