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Is Dynamic Ad Insertion the Future of Television Advertising?

27 Jan
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Dynamic ad insertion may be the holy grail—and the future—of television advertising. At least, that’s what some ad tech execs are claiming as they unveil new technology at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). If you’re thinking the largest tradeshow for selling hardware is an odd place to be unveiling software that essentially operates in […]

2020 Forecasts Show Why Media Buying Agencies Are More Necessary than Ever

20 Jan

By all accounts, 2020 may be a difficult year in the advertising industry. To start, GroupM, the world’s largest media buying firm, says that next year will see a global slowdown in ad spending. Their report cites a sluggish global economy as one particular reason for the slowdown. Interestingly, the report also predicts that digital […]

As OTT Advertising Soars, a Hardware Company Wants in on the Action

13 Jan
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2019 may long be remembered in the advertising industry that over the top (OTT) advertising really took off. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), OTT spending grew 37 percent this year, reaching approximately $7 billion in revenue. What’s more, these ads aren’t being ignored; 76 percent of people who regularly watch streaming media use […]

How Whitelists Encourage both Brand Safety and Campaign Effectiveness

03 Dec

In today’s highly fractured digital media landscape, brand safety has become a major issue with brands. This applies to both issues related to click fraud, where an ad network fraudulently uses bots, but it can also include issues of branded ads automatically being placed on websites that do not reflect the brand’s values. In fact, […]

Advertisers Chase Younger Viewers on Instagram, YouTube, and Amazon

11 Sep

A new study from business consultancy Mannatt-Vorhaus has found that younger adults (ages 18 – 34) tend to consume more video on their smartphone than on TV. According to the study, approximately 67 percent of people in this age group watch online videos every day, and 72 percent of them say they do it on […]

3 Key Trends to Watch for in Local Advertising

02 Sep
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When we look at advertising trends to help understand the grander landscape and develop strategies for clients, we often look at global or national industry developments. After all, what works great on a large scale can often be applied to more regional or local scales as well. That said, for specific trends in local advertising, […]

What It Means When Google Grabs the Highest Share of Ad Spend

28 Aug

You may have missed this, but Google has quietly surpassed the top media companies to capture the largest share of ad spend in 2019, based on a report from MediaPost. The tech giant now captures 10.5 percent of all ad spend, which is up from third place and a 1.1 percent gain last year. Meanwhile, […]

New Footfall Traffic Measurement Debuts, but Privacy Concerns Abound

21 Aug
Location based

Ad tech firm recently announced a new technology that enables them to measure in-store traffic from households who have been served ads through over-the-top (OTT) or connected TVs. According to the firm, they use a method to track physical visitors who were served digital ads using a geo-fencing technology. They can then measure the […]

More Reasons to Consider Podcast Advertising

14 Aug

We’ve talked in the past about the growth of streaming audio and how podcasts are worth considering from an advertising standpoint. Now, recent studies and other related industry news show that if you’re not advertising on podcasts you’re liking missing a huge opportunity. On the industry news front, streaming audio giant Spotify purchased two key […]

What Marketers Want Out of Digital Media and Linear TV

11 Jul
Digital Meida vs. Linear TV Effectiveness

When it comes to the debate between which is a better advertising vehicle—digital media or linear TV—there’s little agreement about what works and what doesn’t. And a recent survey of marketers by Blockgraph found that there are a number of areas in which each category can improve. But there are a few things that marketers […]