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Advertisers Chase Younger Viewers on Instagram, YouTube, and Amazon

11 Sep

A new study from business consultancy Mannatt-Vorhaus has found that younger adults (ages 18 – 34) tend to consume more video on their smartphone than on TV. According to the study, approximately 67 percent of people in this age group watch online videos every day, and 72 percent of them say they do it on […]

What It Means When Google Grabs the Highest Share of Ad Spend

28 Aug

You may have missed this, but Google has quietly surpassed the top media companies to capture the largest share of ad spend in 2019, based on a report from MediaPost. The tech giant now captures 10.5 percent of all ad spend, which is up from third place and a 1.1 percent gain last year. Meanwhile, […]

Linear Television Isn’t Dead, It’s Evolving.

26 Mar
pile of tvs

We’ve talked a lot recently about the virtues of over-the-top (OTT) television and how the shift to on-demand content viewing is really shaking up media viewing, advertising, and buying. Some have said this is essentially the end of linear TV (i.e. shows that are scheduled and audiences need to tune in). Older generations of TV […]

Are Second Screens Cannibalizing TV Viewer Attention?

06 Nov

That’s the question asked of marketers in a recent survey. And for anyone who watches the industry, it’s probably no surprise that the majority of respondents said yes. The survey, conducted by ad-tech firm Viant and reported on in eMarketer, clearly suggests that marketers are concerned about the efficacy of their ad placements and their […]

Your digital manager can now buy TV ads

04 Jul
digital manager

It appears that the time has finally come for AdWords-styled ad placement to come to television. Google recently announced that it is adding traditional TV advertising inventory to its DoubleClick Bid Manager platform. This shift allows advertisers to manage their digital and a TV buys through a single system, which typically requires separate systems. Google […]

Is your media buy a complex headache?

18 Apr

If so, you’re apparently not alone. According to a new study by ID Comms and reported on in MediaPost, both advertisers and media agencies characterize media as a “complex headache.” The study, which had only 178 respondents (i.e. take the results with a grain of salt), found that an overwhelming majority of marketers and media […]

Study Shows that TV Drives Tweets

08 Mar

Ever wonder if incorporating Twitter hashtags into television ads has an effect on brand visibility? Well, wonder no longer! A new study by Nielsen has some anecdotal evidence that suggests that linear TV ads can drive brand engagement on Twitter. The study looked at two TV ad campaigns that ran during two key TV events […]

What We’re Reading: It’s all about the data

03 Nov

Let’s face it: data is the lifeblood of any well-informed media buy. And now, more data is available to us than ever before. That includes the $24 billion data business that telcos don’t want to talk about. According to the article, for the first time U.K. marketers are “using data from cell phone carriers that […]

2016 Election Ad Battle Waged on Mobile (and TV)

20 Oct
A shot of a beautiful black businesswoman texting

According to this article, this coming year’s wave of political ads will be the shortest in history, clocking in at 15 seconds. But just because they’re shorter, don’t expect to see less of them. Because they’re so short, we’ll likely see political video ads where we haven’t traditionally seen them; primarily on mobile. As we […]