Is the Future of TV in Your Car?

teslaIf that sounds like something right out of the Jetson’s, you’re right. But it’s also a coming reality, at least according to one executive at research firm Magid. According to a recent whitepaper released by the firm, nearly 20 percent of all video advertising will be served to cars in the near future. Two emerging technology trends will likely converge to make this a reality.

First, the automobile industry is rapidly moving to adopt self-driving technologies. By 2020 (less than a year away!) there will be an estimated 10 million self-driving cars on the road with that doubling to 20 million cars by 2030, according to one market research firm. To put that into perspective, there were currently 276 million cars owned in the U.S. in 2018. So, while that’s not a lot, it is certainly a growing trend that will likely to accelerate over the years. In fact, there are already a number of high-end cars from Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes. And car manufacturers like GM are investing billions of dollars to acquire startups working on these technologies.

Secondly, wireless networks are rapidly evolving to be able to support higher bandwidth. That means that more data can flow to and from internet-connected devices, even cars. And more data equals more ability to stream video.

So, combining these two trends, it’s quite possible to envision a future where people watch television on their way to work (would sure take the boredom and stress out of sitting in traffic on 495 every day). Imagine watching TODAY live in your car on your commute. Or imagine going on a long family trip where you set the car on autopilot and everyone enjoys watching a movie or two, only to arrive at their destination a few hours later. It’ll be just like riding an airplane, but on the road.

These trends will also likely have an impact on location-based advertising. Using GPS, location-aware software, and even data gathered from a car, advertisers could potentially target specific cars based on a variety of factors. Like having Jiffy Lube tell you it’s time for an oil change. Or a fast food restaurant sending you a special, limited-time offer for getting off the highway and getting lunch.

Of course, these types of advertising are a little ways off. The may even take more time to develop and reach a critical mass before they’re viable. After all, 10 percent of cars having this capability is not a significant amount. But whether this is rolled out in 5, 10, or 15 years, this technology is coming.

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